Dull or foggy headlights are a safety hazard and are aesthetically unappealing. While they make your vehicle look older and potentially lower the value, they are also a road hazard. While driving at night, your visibility is decreased and other drivers’ ability to see you is also affected. Nighttime driving has its own challenges with decreased vision and depth perception issues. Foggy or oxidized headlights can make it far worse.

There are many do it yourself remedies that are ineffective and expensive which can actually do more damage than good. So trust a professional when it comes to your safety on the road.  

Btown  Dent Repair can restore the headlights on your vehicle to their former, like new, condition and increase both the appearance and resale value of your vehicle by removing the old oxidized faded clear coat and replacing it with a high quality uv resistance clear coat that will last for years to come.

Call today for a free estimate and in just a few hours your vehicle can look new again and keep you safe on the road with better visibility for you and other drivers.