Paintless dent repair also known as pdr is a process for removing minor dents, dings, creases, and hail damage from steel and aluminum body panels on vehicles. Pdr saves time and money over conventional auto body repair methods. By gaining access to the backside of a dent, using specialized tools and lighting a dent can be massaged out. Most minor dents can be repaired in a few hours versus days for conventional repairs.

Conventional body shop repairs typically require grinding the paint off, using body filler (bondo), sanding the filler, priming the repair area and repainting the entire panel. Although this method is needed for large repairs or major collisions, this is not necessarily the best method for small to medium size damage or hail repair.

Btown Debt  Repair can save you time and money, returning your vehicle to pre accident condition. You keep your factory finish which helps maintain your vehicle’s value.  There are no concerns with paint matching, over spray , future paint peeling or the difference in the shine of the newly painted panel. Most repairs are lower than insurance deductibles, but if not we will work with all insurance companies and handle all the necessary paperwork for you. Call today for a free estimate or text a picture of your damage for a quote.